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The Haydon horses at Bloomfield have the unique claim of being bred by the same family on the same property since the early 1830`s and continue to perform across the board at the top level. The horses in the stud today are grouped into families which trace, mother to daughter, to the original foundation mares. Over the generations these families have been recorded and graded for their temperament, mouths, conformation, action and ability.

The success of the stud today can be mostly attributed to the strength of these female lines. The stud’s policy has been to breed a quality versatile riding horse with about three-quarter thoroughbred blood. Our heritage lines are blended with the best proven modern genetics, maintaining a strong thoroughbred influence. Our aim is to breed horses that can perform successfully at the elite levels.

An enormous amount of work is put into developing our bloodlines for the future and it is reassuring to see the stud’s horses currently achieving at the top level both here and overseas. For those interested in bloodlines and history please delve deeper into the site to uncover a wealth of historic material. If you are looking for a particular horse please enter its name in the search box. By clicking on the link it will take you to the online studbook.

Thank you for visiting our website and I hope you enjoy the information about our horses, both current and historical.

Video: ‘The Great Charge’