Polocrosse Horses

The following is a listing of some of the Stud’s polocrosse horses and their achievements:


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Apollo ASHS Award U21 Womens Aibury 2016

Apollo Albury 2016 parade

Apollo playing Albury Nationnals 2016

Haydon Apollo [Haydon Sun Rose x Haydon Nightwatch] playing at his third Nationals at Albury in 2016, played by Jordon McGrath winning the ASHS Champion Award in U21 Women’s Division. At the Darwin Nationals he also won the ASHS and Champion Award. His full brother’s Haydon Orbital stand at Rosebrook Stud, Muswellbrook and Haydon Satellite in the USA.

Signature 2016 playing

Haydon Signature [SC Destiny Bay-Haydon Drawn]  played by Australian player Cameron Sheppard 2016.

Tanzanite Jewel 2014 Ladies Rookie Horse

Leggetts Tanzanite Jewel [Haydon Bush Jewel x Arakool Jazzman] won the NSW  2014 Ladies Rookie Horse of the Year played by April Leggett who also won Champion Ladies Horse at the NSW Championships with her mother Haydon Bush Jewel, below;

Haydon Bush Jewel

Flashlight 2015 Luke Lossberg

Haydon Flashlight [Haydon Ballerette x Haydon Drawn] played by Luke Lossberg who says he is an “absolute legend do here” winning numerous awards including the Best Horse in Victoria in 2014.

Signature poster 2016

Haydon Signature [SC Destiny Bay-Haydon Drawn]  played by Australian player Cameron Sheppard on the Barastoc Poster.

Nitro 2016

Haydon Nitro [Haydon Night Time x Techrico] being trained by Wayne Stevenson

Apollo 2015

Haydon Apollo [Haydon Sun Rose x Haydon Nightwatch] adds yet another prize to his long list winning Best Horse and Rider in Mixed A Grade at the 2015 Warwick Barastoc Interstate Series played by Jordon McGrath.

Tilly x Raygun 2015

 Haydon Raygun [Haydon Raylina x Musket] is the sire of Jess Duncan’s mare Tilly here at her second carnival.

Tartan 2015 Barastoc Interstate Series

Haydon Tartan [SC Black Opal x Haydon Nightwatch] after playing at the Nationals is here playing in the winning Queensland Mixed Team at the 2015 Barastoc Interstate Series defeating NSW.

Indigo 2015 i

Haydon Indigo [Haydon Light Night x Techrico] a three old mare starting her polocrosse career.


Haydon Vanity Fair [Haydon Mirage x Techrico] 3 years old being brought on by Harley DeBritt, who was in the undefeated NSW Women’s U21 Team at the 2014 Nationals.

Haydon Apollo

Haydon Apollo [Haydon Sun Rose x Haydon Nightwatch] in his second Nationals, played by Jordon McGrath won Best Horse and Rider and Champion ASHS in their division at the 2014 Darwin Nationals. She has won other awards in her division including the Best Number 1 at Australian Junior Classic at Albury and Best for Queensland in 2014.

Hadon Tarten

Haydon Tartan [SC Black Opal x Haydon Nightwatch] played at the 2014 Nationals by Hayley Winks for Queenslands Open Women’s Team


Haydon Dunkirk [Haydon Tourmaline x Murrabong Victory] award winning horse played by Jess Duncan in 2014


Haydon Solitaire [Haydon Queen Jewel x Benico] wins a Champion of the Carnival in 2014 for Braydon Beck

Haydon Signature

Haydon Signature [SC Destiny Bay-Haydon Drawn] was played at the Nationals by Australian player Cameron Sheppard.

Polocrosse Selections to play for Queensland in 2014 just released;Queensland Open Men’s: Cameron Sheppard & Haydon Signature [SC Destiny Bay-Haydon Drawn]Queensland Open Women’s:

Jess Osborne & Haydon Dunkirk [Haydon Tourmaline-Murrabong Victory]

Hayley Wildman & Haydon Tartan [SC Black Opal-Haydon Nightwatch]

Queensland Junior Girls:

Jordan McGrath & Haydon Apollo [Haydon Sun Rose-Haydon Nightwatch]

Haydon Drawlina [Haydon Raylina-Haydon Drawn]
Competed at four Nationals and a full sister to sire Haydon Redraw. Played here by Islay Young at 2010 Ballarat Polocrosse Nationals. He also won awards playing her.

haydon-peony-rose-playingHaydon Peony Rose [Haydon Romany-Haydon Drawn]She is shown here at the 2010 Ballarat Polocrosse Nationals ridden by Chris Franklin (Qld) when he was awarded Best No 2 in the Open Mixed Competition. She was awarded many Best Pony Prizes in A grade across three States, NSW, Qld & SA. She was awarded Best Pony in the International Match between New Zealand and Qld Ladies. In polo she also won two BPP awards and could also then be ridden by a child.

dunkirk-2014Haydon Dunkirk [Haydon Tourmaline-Murrabong Victory]Top A Grade Horse played by Jess Osborne, “Best Horse “of the Carnival-Quilpie 2013

tartan-first-carnival-2013Haydon Tartan [SC Black Opal-Haydon Nightwatch] first carnival with Hayley Winks, 2013

polocrosse-calendar-qld-2013-diva--apolloQueensland 2013 Polocroose Calendar features Haydon Diva and Haydon Apollo on the front cover

haydonapolloHaydon Apollo [Haydon Sun Rose-Haydon Nightwatch]Prize winner, played at the 2012 Nationals. Ridden here by Sally McGrath

mist-yearling-standing-11Haydon Mist [Haydon Rainstorm-Haydon Drawn] award winning polocrosse mare. Shown here as a yearling

festinaHaydon Festina [Haydon Quartz-Haydon Drawn] Bay f (2000) (158063) top polocrosse mare who won the same trophy as her mother, the Champion Horse at Queensland Championships 2007, but broke her leg in the final of the ill-fated National Championship at Camden.

tiff1tiff2HAYDON TIFFANY [Haydon EternityDrawn] Br f (1998) played top polocrosse for Sam Darmody winning many awards including at National and State Level.

Satellite in AmericaHAYDON SATELLITE [Haydon Sun RoseHaydon Nightwatch] taken in USA in 2010 where he is used as a sire of polocrosse horses. Two of his full brothers HAYDON ENDEAVOUR and HAYDON ORBIT were in the 2011 Colt Sale and another brother HAYDON APOLLO won his first polocrosse award in 2011 and many more since.In 2012 he won Champion USA Cyber Horse.

divaHAYDON NIGHT DIVA by Victory, bay f (2003) (171361), winner of Champion polocrosse awards played by Stephanie Thorsby in 2010 winning 2 Best A Grade Lady awards, 2 Best Horse & Rider Combination awards, 3 Champion ASH Awards (1 ASH Ladies, 1 ASH Ladies at State Level and 1 Champion ASH Award overall) and Zone Rookie Ladies ASH. 2012 won Open Ladies Horses of Queensland.

jewelHAYDON BUSH JEWEL by Bush Glow, Br f (1992) (123048) ridden by April Legget and won Hunter Zone Junior Rookie Horse of the Year. Played on to be a Champion polocrosse mare, played at the Nationals.

dunkirk-2014HAYDON DUNKIRK by Murrabong Victory, Bay g (2003) (171366) award winner

Haydon Drawlina at 2006 Nationals

Haydon Drawlina at 2006 Nationals

HAYDON DRAWLINA Br f (1997) by Haydon Drawn played top polocrosse, including at four Nationals

songNIGHT SONG by Bush Glow, Blk f (1997) (142379). Performed well at both polo and polocrosse.


HAYDON PRETTY WOMAN by Bush Glow Ch f (1995) (102118) won numerous polocrosse awards.

haydon-peony-rose-playingHAYDON PEONY ROSE by Haydon Drawn was very successful at polocrosse.

driftwood-polocrosseHaydon Driftwood [Haydon Bambileen-Haydon Drawn] top horse played by Andrew Cameron and here by Drew Gurney.


caribou profileHaydon Caribou [Haydon Sable-Holmwood Bush Glow] won a Rookie Horse of the Year and many best horse awards

rushHAYDON HARVEST RUSH Br g 1985 by Rodeo Rush won many awards.


HAYDON QUARTZ (Alison) by Beranghi, Bay f (1982) (103793) proved a top polocrosse mare, ridden by Les Fraser, winning many awards including Champion Horse at Queensland Zone Championships in 1991 also won by her daughter HAYDON FESTINA.

OTHER SUCCESSFUL POLOCROSSE HORSES INCLUDE:HAYDON SIGNATURE by Drawn played by Australian player Cameron Sheppard.
HAYDON RIFLEMAN by Musket rated right up there with the best, winning a Champion award at 2000 Nationals.
HAYDON WANDERER by Coeur Desiree a top mare for Vicki Symons.
HAYDON SIMANDA by Never Doubt a very successful mare.
HAYDON TIME PIECE by Sunny Souvenir, Br g (1988) winner of many polocrosse awards.
HAYDON MUSKETEER by Musket, Bay c (1991) a very successful polocrosse horse.
HAYDON DE BEERS by Bush Glow, Br g, (1992) a good polocrosse horse.
HAYDON SHOW CASE by Bush Glow, Bay f, (1994)won the polocrosse Southern Rookie Horse of the Year in 2000 played by Ross Coburn.
HAYDON BROOCH by Bush Glow, Bay f (1995) played polocrosse
HAYDON ANTIQUITY by Musket, Br f (1989) (116447) polocrosse mare initially played by Ross Shepherd.
HAYDON FIRESTONE by Bush Glow, Bay g (1994) played polocrosse by Max Leggett.
HAYDON BEAM by Sunbeam, won awards, including a Rockie Horse of the Year
HAYDON LIGHT JEWEL by Beranghi, Br f (1981) was successful in the show ring as well as a winning Champion Polocrosse Pony S.W. Zone in 1991
HAYDON BUSHMAN by Bush Glow, Bay g (1992) (123053), winner of polocrosse prizes played by a junior.
ZELLA by Beranghi, Brown f (1983) (105135) used successfully by Fraser Family in polocrosse then as a broodmare
DAWN by Salute, Brown f (1990) played very good polocrosse for Gordon Maloney, Qld.
HAYDON BRINSOME (Bess) by Beranghi won Champion Polocrosse Pony at Longreach in 1991 and again the following year played by Peter Johnston.
HAYDON MIST by Drawn proved very successful at polocrosse.
HAYDON SALINA (1988) by Musket play good polocrosse for the Frasers in Qld.
HAYDON RESPONSE (1981) by Beranghi was a top polocrosse pony paying at State level.
HAYDON BUSH CAMP by Bush Glow played well.
HAYDON ROSE BUSH by Bush Glow was successful playing polocrosse.
HAYDON FINALE by Beranghi, Ch f (1985) played polocrosse for Chris Marrs, Qld.