Versatile Performance Horses

The following is a listing of some of the Haydon Horse Stud horses with their diverse performances and achievements over the years:

2015 Review


zorba-at-nationals-2013Haydon Zorba 2013 Nationals


zorba-winner-yearling-colt-2012-nationals zorba-with-rug-winner-yearling-colt-2012-nationalsHaydon Zorba [Haydon Rumba-Techrico] winning yearling colt 2012 Nationals


Haydon Blackwatch [SC Black Opal-Haydon Nightwatch] competing 2013 Nationals


Kaypehaich Patton [Haydon Sun Dial-Red Oak] Champion Yearling Filly at 2012 Nationals

Shotgun Shotgun

Silverthorn Shotgun [Haydon Avril-Montcalm Luke] a full brother to Silverthorn Carbine shown successful by the Wardell Family

Carbine silverthorn-carbine-grandson-haydon-radial-ashs-cover-july-2000

Silverthorn Carbine [Haydon Avril-Montcalm Luke] won Champion Gelding RAS on three occasions. At the 2002 Nationals he won both Led and Ridden Gelding.
On the cover of the July 2002 ASHS Journal.

night-beam-led-ribbons Night Beam

Haydon Night Beam [Haydon Nightlight-Haydon Sunbeam] Champion Yearling Scone 1997. She went on to top the National Sale and won numerous events for Maxine Brooks, here competing at the 1999 Nationals.


Haydon Nightingale [Haydon Ballerette-Holmwood Bush Glow] top price filly 1996 Nationals and went onto win Futurities


Haydon Bush Lad [Haydon Elsie Lass-Holmwood Bush Glow] champion walking horse for Jack Wallace


Haydon Sunrise [B. Sunshower-Haydon Never Doubt] successful at the State Championships

Haydon Cannon won the Open Campdraft at Kununurra

Haydon Cannon [Haydon Fawn-Musket] purchased here at 1991 Sale by Prudential Pastoral Co going on to win the Open Campdraft at Kununurra and be a successful sire

Bloom bloom-campdrafting-at-charters-towers

Haydon Bloom [Haydon Fawn-Holmwood Bush Glow] won many ribbons in North Queensland and campdrafting at Charters Towers



Haydon Star Night [Haydon Pirouette-Austock Beranghi] winning 2 yr old Futurity, Scone 1984


Haydon Gypsey Moth [Haydon Gypsey 11-Haydon Never Doubt] winning the Champion Led Mare at Scone ahead of Nabinabah Breezette

Harvest Home

Haydon Harvest Home [Haydon Patti Brown-Austock Beranghi] campdraft winner, ridden by Peter Haydon in the rain & mud at Scone


Haydon Beranghi Lass [Haydon Wongle 111-Austock Beranghi] won polo awards and won Supreme Champion Led Exhibit ASH Show Scone 1983

Dark Jewel

Peter Haydon on Haydon Dark Jewel wins the campdraft at Willow Tree ahead of Bob Palmer on Purdette and Maurice Mitchell


Haydon Ballet [Haydon Pirouette-Haydon Never Doubt] won polo awards as well as many ribbons in the show ring ridden by Cathy Hunt

Dark Jewel

Haydon Dark Jewel [Haydon Ruby-Austock Beranghi] in ASHS Challenge, Scone

Radial Radial

Haydon Radial [Haydon Bridget-Austock Beranghi] won over 100 Championship Ribbons for Cathy Hunt

Bright Night

Haydon Bright Night [Haydon Blu Night-Haydon Never Doubt] successful sire, here winning at Adelaide Royal


Haydon Gypsey 11 Australian Cutting Horse Champion 1969

Haydon Gypsey 11 [Haydon Gypsey 1-Percy 11] Australian Cutting Horse Champion 1969. She flew the flag for Australian bred horses competing against the invasion of American Quarter Horses during the 1960’s/70’s. She won the Australian Cutting Horse Championship in 1969, was awarded N.C.H.A Certificate of Merit and Ability, won the Working Cow Horse at the N.S.W Quarter Horse Shows in 1970,71 and 72, and Champion All-round Horse in 1970. She was successful in limited campdrafting nearly always winning the cutout prize.


Haydon Gulf Country [Haydon Pirouette-Blukens] successful show jumper ridden by Guy Creighton. Here getting instruction from Capt. Mark Phillips

Haydon Winsome 1948 Championship Campdraft Scone 1948

Haydon Winsome [Haydon Fidget-Bobbed Steel] in Championship Campdraft Scone 1948. Ridden by FB (Jim) Haydon after returning from eight years away during WW 11.


Haydon Winsome won many ribbons in the showring

dark-night-drafting dark-night-ras-standing

Haydon Dark Night [Haydon Thora-Haydon Starlight] ridden by FB (Jim) Haydon. Renowned drafting mare competed at RAS, above right. Winning the Durham Championship Cup beating Reg Watts on Norma in the run-off, above left.

dawn-fbh dawn-web

Haydon Dawn [ Haydon Brown Mary-Haydon Starlight] brilliant campdrafting mare ridden by FB (Jim) Haydon. Selected to represent NSW at RAS in 1938.


Haydon Fidget [Haydon Brown Mary-Rocket] ridden by HB Haydon to win Championship Campdraft at Gundy 1938


NSW Campdrafting Team 1937, RAS Winners
Glen Wisemantle-Radium 11
F B (Jim) Haydon-Haydon Promise
Reg Watts-Norma
Alec Wiseman-Barry


promise-fb-haydon-ribbonsFB (Jim) Haydon on Haydon Promise


Haydon Topaz Haydon Topaz camprafting

Haydon Topaz [Haydon Trinket-Jingo Joss] performed with distinction from 1934-1938. Campdrafted at the RAS in 1937.


FB (Jim) Haydon riding Hopalong


Haydon Clasp [Haydon Topaz -Bobbed Steel] campdrafting-dam of Haydon Gem


Haydon Twilight [Haydon Thora-Haydon Starlight] rated by FB (Jim) Haydon as one of the best mares he rode and continued the Thora Family on through her daughter Haydon Eulalie


Haydon Witchery [Haydon Charm-Tester] ridden by a young Judy Mackay (nee Doyle) who went on to become one of Australia’s most accomplished horse women. He mother was Pearl Haydon who bred Gibbergunyah from the Bloomfield mare Glass Bubbles, given to her as a wedding present by her father Bernard Haydon.

Haydon Witchery camdrafting

Haydon Witchery campdrafting


Haydon Thora, Flame & Firefly, Bloomfield campdrafters held by Jack Callinan


Haydon Topaz [Haydon Trinket-Jingo Joss] ridden by FB (Fred) Haydon in the Wild Cow Milking with HB Haydon doing the milking


Jack Callinan hold the Haydon campdraft team 1930


Grace Haydon in the side saddle days