Jewel Family

COUNTESS by Planet (1880’s) was the first recorded mare of this family. She was Bernard Haydon’s top mare. Noted for her stamina and endurance, highlighted by her feats brumby running on the Liverpool Plains and in the mountainous country around the Hunter Valley. She started a line of horses, which typifies the history of the Australian bred riding horses from “Walers” to the now registered Australian Stock Horses and beyond. Now well over a hundred years later her descendents are still being exported around the world. They were performing in England, Argentina, America and many countries in Asia. Countess also showed very good ability working cattle.

She was Dam of-
THE DANE by Denmark was a successful stallion used at Bloomfield, siring many horses that were exported for the Remount Trade.

Haydon Tester 1888-1904

Haydon Tester 1888-1904

BANGLE by Tester proved one of F.B.Haydon’s best riding mares often being ridden on journeys of over a hundred miles. On one occasion he rode her in one day from Warrah Ridge near Quirindi to Bloomfield and then on the Widden Stud leading two mares to be joined to the Widden stallions.

Dam 2

BANGLE by Tester.

Dam of-
LOCKET by The Dane (1907)
TRINKET by The Dane (1908)

These two full sisters were recognised by F. B. Haydon as his best mares at that time, they had exceptional athletic, cattle and riding ability. They form the two main branches of the family today.