Sunshower Family




This family comes from a long line of top quality horses which were very successful in the show ring. VALTO produced SUNNY by Bobbed Steel whose dam GOOIA was Champion Hack at Sydney Royal. SUNNY produced SUNTAN by Gemborough by Emborough (imp) the sire of the great Bernborough. Gemborough also sired horses of the calibre of PRUDENCE-many times Champion Hack and one of Australia’s top dressage horses ridden by Judy Mackay; BAMBALINA-most successful galloway ever at Sydney Royal being Champion four times ridden by Jill Haydon; JOY-successful hack at Brisbane Royal and the sire GEMBACOLLIE.

SUNTAN was a mare that was hard to fault and was highly successful in thoroughbred and Champion Hack classes including at Sydney Royal. SUNTAN’S foals include SUNSHOWER and the stallion SUNNY SOUVENIR by Souvenir, a sire of many successful horses including Kibah Sandstone who won the Team Gold Medal with Mat Ryan at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

SUNSHOWER was by the legendary SUNDOWN by Midstream. He gained his name due to the mysterious time of his conception in 1950. His mother the stock horse mare Jane was mated to the then leading Australia TB sire Midstream, under the cover of darkness or when the “sun had gone down”. Jane had the classic pedigree of the time with Radium on the sire side and Saladin on the dam side with a mix of Carbine and Tarragon blood.

It proved an inspired mating, in despite of its undercover nature, utilising the famous Blandford sire line, so successful also through Young Valais. Sundown became a renowned sire with 110 registered progeny.

Legendary sire Sundown

Champion sire Midstream

Champion Blandford





SUNSHOWER was a beautiful quality mare, proving a top stock mare ridden by Hilton Haydon. She was also a top broodmare producing:

Inca Sun as a yearling

Inca Sun as a yearling

-TITIAN (Goldie) (211875) by Souverleen-who was purchased by Ellerston and played by the English Polo Captain Howard Hipwood in the 1988 Test Match. She later becoming a remarkable broodmare producing many champions. See below.
-INCA SUN by Never Doubt shown successfully in led classes and played polo for years by Angus Scott including at the Ellerston high goal.

Haydon Sunrise yearling successful at State Championships

-SUNRISE by Never Doubt also shown successfully including second at the State Championship at Dubbo and dam of SUN GLOW.
SUN GUN by Musket (123044) sold as a sire to B. Webb, Qld winning at his first showing in 1991 beating a field that included Brisbane winners.
-RAINGUN sire and SUNBEAM sire (118741) both by Musket. Sunbeam was was retained by the Stud and his first foal was SUN GEM out of Tiara purchased by the Walker family. His daughter NIGHT BEAM was Champion Yearling at the 1997 Scone ASH Show and went on to be top priced yearling filly at the 1997 National Championship Yearling Sale at Grafton, purchased by Maxine Brooks. She went on to to win many ribbons for her. Another daughter SUN FLOWER was shown and purchased as a yearling by Warren Brittle.

Haydon Night Beam won Champion Yearling at Scone before topping the National Sale

Night Beam ridden Maxine Brooks ASH Nationals 1999

Night Beam ridden Maxine Brooks ASH Nationals 1999







-SUN DIAL (123044) by Bush Glow played good polo and was sold to R. Grant, proving a good

Patton out of Haydon Sun Dial won at the Nationals

broodmare producing TURQUIRI a many times winner and Patton a winner at the Nationals.
-SUNBURST by Bush Glow purchased by Barry Svenson, who has found her to be a “great walker, a very soft and athletic young mare”.
-EASY SUN (135398) her last foal born in 1996 by Easy Gun was used as a stallion having 54 registered progeny.
-RAINSTORM by Bush Glow 1995 (129660) retained as a broodmare and has produced;

-SUN DRAW by Drawn sold as a yearling.
-MIST by Drawn sold at the National Yearling Sale to Wickford Pastoral Co, Tasmania

Haydon Mist as a yearling

proving very successful at polocrosse.
-SCUD by Drawn played high goal in England by Glen Gilmore and in 2010 played in the final of the Gold Cup by Sapo Caset 10 goals.
-PUDDLES by Drawn played polo
-SHOWER by Victory played well before being purchased by Wickford 
-RAINDROP by Nightwatch 2007 (186259) a good type and showing great ability playing
-WICKFORD SUNSHOWER by Nightwatch 2008 (188348) registered by Wickford Pastoral Co, Tasmania who purchased Rainstorm in foal in 2008 to acquire more of this successful family.

Haydon Raindrop on sidelines Windsor 2012

Haydon Raindrop on sidelines Windsor 2012

Haydon Shower







Haydon Raindrop on sidelines Windsor 2012

Haydon Scud final Gold Cup 2010 Caset running the ball

Haydon Scud Final Gold Cup 2010










TITAN (Goldie) proved to be a remarkable broodmare producing at Ellerston;

Haydon Raindrop on sidelines Windsor 2012

Horne played by Pelon Stirling 10 goals

-SOUFFLÊ bred at Ellerston by Longboat who was taken to England in 1997 and played by
ten goaler Gonzalo Pieres in the high goal
HORNE the legendary Ellerston gelding. He played for many years for Ellerston White, being rated right up there with their best ever. In 2003 was played by both the Patron James Packer and ten goaler Gonzalito Pieres at Ellerston
SCRATCH by Ajuna a gelding played who many successful seasons at Ellerston for Dirk Gould.

Titan as purchased from Ellerston by Wickford Pastoral Co, Tasmania where she bred;
FLIRT by Dancin’ Jazz who was BPP at Ellerston in 2011 played by Ruki Baillieu.

Flirt BPP Ellerston 2011

-Rain Maker by Dancin’ Jazz who was played by English Captain James Biem to win the

Rain Maker played by James Beim Coronation Cup 2012 Test Match

2012 Coronation Cup Test Match. She has a stallion Jera Rapture by Clarion standing in England out of her.
Sundance by Dancin’ Jazz who played well and was retained as a broodmare.
-Santa Fa by Dancin’ Jazz was used as a sire before playing polocrosse being described as having freakish ability. His daughter Santa Anna won BPP in the 2022 Queens Cup played by 10 goaler Jeta Castagnola.

Santa Fa playing polocrosse showing incredible hind leg power

Santa Anna Queens Cup

Santa Anna and Jet Castagnola BPP Queens Cup








Santa Anna in England

Santa Anna BPP Queens Cup








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