Ellerston Ruski-HSH

Grey Stallion      DOB: 10/11/2014             Height: 15.2hh                 ASH Reg: HSH  R-254300

Sire:  Ellerston Cavalier
Dam: Ellerston Cruiser

Available for natural service by special arrangement at $5,000 plus GST –  No more Frozen Semen currently available. His weanling are for sale in May.

Ellerston Ruski video; https://www.haydonhorsestud.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Ruski-video-2019-.mp4

Ruski stables Nov 2020

Ruski stables Nov 2020


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Ruski is from the renowned Norman Pentaquad sire line and from the family of Hall of Fame mare Pinky. His dam is the great Solar mare Cruiser and he is by top Ellerston sire Cavalier, Sheltie’s full brother. His dam, grandam and great grandam were all played by top 10 goal players. 

His pedigree includes the famous mares La Luna, Pinky, Dinghy, Cruiser, Sheltie and Blue with close relations Claret, Skiff, Spinnaker, Yacht and Clarity. He combines the two legendary mares La Luna, regarded as the greatest playing and producing mare in Argentina and similarly for Pinky in Australia. Ruski started well in young horse chukkas in 2016 with his first foals were born in 2018 showing his great temperament, type and ability.

Ruski’s full sister Skyy

Ruski’s full sister Skyy in her first higher goal season won three BPP awards in a month, at the Australian Open, Ellerston and Garangula. Described by the commentator as a “super star” and “how does that mare have so much pace and so much handle”. As a six year old she then moved into the Ellerston captain James Harper’s string, winning BPP in her first tournament game in the Kerry Packer Challenge Cup playing on the Ellerston Home Field. The video shows the two spectacular long range runaway goals scored utilising her sheer pace. Skyy video.


The Seven Great Mares in Ruski’s Pedigree:

  • Cruiser –  His dam, rated as one of the best Ellerston mares, doing everything so easily at pace. In 2018 she won BPP on debut in UK and then the Argentine Open played by world’s number one player Adolfo Cambiaso.
  • Sheltie –  His sire Cavalier’s full sister, a dominant polo mare played by 10 goaler Facundo Pieres for 16 years winning awards in both the English and US high goal.
  • Pinky –    His great granddam, a Hall of Fame mare. She was not only a top playing mare but also and an incredible producing mare with an international legacy.
  • Dinghy His granddam rated by Facundo Pieres as one of the best, dominating in Australia, England and Argentina for 12 years. Renowned for her extreme pace and incredible stop.
  • Claret –   Rated as Ellerston’s best ever, she was an extraordinary polo mare who won the Argentine Triple Crown, was BPP in the English Gold Cup final and Ellerston final. Her progeny and many sire son’s are used around the world.
  • Blue –     His sire’s dam became famous when played by 10 goaler Horacio Heguy and later by Kerry Packer. By the renowned polocrosse stallion Punchline, sire of four times National’s Champion, Leeway.
  • La Luna- Legendary Argentine Hall of Fame mare and dam of Solar, she has had such a big impact on world polo bloodlines.

It is not often you get a stallion with so many brilliant mares in his pedigree. This was only made possible by Kerry Packer’s pursuit of excellence to acquire the best playing horses in the world. It is also not often you get a pedigree like this that is physically backed up with such great conformation, ability, action and temperament, that is passed onto his progeny. A rare stallion that ticks all those boxes.

Dam 1: Cruiser

In June 2018, Ruski’s mother Cruiser made a stunning UK debut, winning BPP in her first tournament. The prize was presented by the Queen to her 10 goal player Adolfo Cambiaso (who also played Haydon Angel Jewel) and is rated the best player in the world, after winning the Royal Windsor tournament at the Guards Polo Club. In an amazing play, Adolfo turned the ball in defence on Cruiser on the backline and then completely out ran the whole opposing team to score a stunning full length of the field goal. In the video the commentator says “he has left them for dead, he must be on Pegasus”, as he leaves the rest of the field behind at the half way mark and then before he scores “he even has time to have a cup of tea”! Cruiser was just so fast and just did everything so easily that you only really appreciated what is is doing by comparing her to the other horses on the field at the time…..and where were they all!

Adolfo Cambiaso then took her to Argentina to win the Argentine Open with his 40 goal team La Dolfina. The fact he actually played her in his string with all the Cuartetera clones simply speaks volumes of what he thought of her.

In 2019 her full brother Skiff wins the same prize for BPP at same Royal Windsor tournament and by English captain James Harper! Cruiser was used in the Ellerston ET program before going overseas. Her three-quarter sister Catsy by Solar started playing overseas in 2022.

Click here: Watch Ruski’s dam Cruiser’s stunning UK debut.

Cruiser BPP in her first UK Tournament 2018

Cruiser UK 2018

Cruiser played by Adolfo Cambiaso in the Argentine Open 2018 which he won with La Dolphina

Cruiser played by Mat Grimes

Cruiser was known for her pace, handle, brain and mouth, doing everything at top pace with such ease. Rated by Jim and Glen Gilmore as the best mare at Ellerston in 2015-16. She won Champion at Scone in 2015 and was runner up in 2016. She has won a lot of higher goal games played by Australian captain Glen Gilmore and Mat Grimes before going overseas in 2018 and she was used in the Ellerston ET programme before going.

Ellerston Solar at Bloomfield

The Legend-La Luna

Cruiser is by Ellerston Solar who was from the legendary polo mare La Luna. Luna started playing in the Argentine Open as a four year old and later the high goal in England played by 10 goaler Gonzalo Pieres, playing for Ellerston. She played her last Open in 1995 aged 18 years. She was a great temperament mare that was equally at home in either high goal or low goal polo, ridden by adults or children. She has had a major impact as a broodmare with hundreds of her descendants playing in the Open. Her full brothers El Sol and Gaucho were prolific sires of top polo horses in Argentina as was her sire Top Secret.

Solar is by leading polo sire Optimum by Southern Halo an influential sire in both polo and on the track. He won major prizes at Palermo including on debut as a two year old. He has sired a lot of top Open horses and prize winners including; Open Guillermina BPP 2012 Argentine Open played by Nico Pieres; Open Pandora BPP 2009 Gold Cup and played Triple Crown 2010-14 by Facundo Pieres; Ellerstina La Nona, Triple Crown 2003, 04, 09,10 & 11, with G. Pieres and Pablo MacDonough, BPP France Open 2005, BPP Queen Cup 2007, BPP Coronation Cup 2008; Dolfina Nina Bonita played the Open 2003-08; Ellerstina Medalla played the Open 2005-09, Triple Crown 2010-11; Open Leyenda was Grand Champion 2000 Palermo Rural Exhibit, Triple Crown 2008-11; Open Tarantula BPP 2011 Hurlingham Open; Ellerstina Hummingbird, Picaflor, Chalina, Mensajera and Open Moon, Farandula, Milito, Divertida, Chimentero, etc. Sires including Dolfina Millonario sire champions Dolfina Lufthanza and El Boeing, etc.

Dam 2: Dinghy

Dinghy with Facundo Pieres

She was by Longboat has been rated by 10 goaler Facundo Pieres as one of the best he has ridden playing her in two chukkas of the 2009 British Gold Cup final. She was renowned for her extreme pace and incredible shut down. This mighty mare dominated polo in Australia, England and Argentina for over 12 years. She is a half-sister of internationally renowned mare Claret, rated as Ellerston’s best ever, she was an extraordinary polo mare who won the Argentine Triple Crown, was BPP in the English Gold Cup final and Ellerston final. Her progeny and many sire son’s are used around the world.

Claret winning BPP Ellerston

Claret winning BPP at Ellerston

Dinghy produced:-Open Dinamita Arg by Ellerstina Chismosa,-Open Dinamarquez Arg,-Spinnaker x Norman Pentaquad played by Facundo Pieres in the UK in 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011, playing the British Gold Cup finals 2009 and 2010. Then Facundo Pieres played her in the Triple Crown in US in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015,-Yacht 2000 chestnut gelding x Norman Pentaquad, played for years in the UK high goal by English Captain James Biem & in the Westchester Test Match 2013,-Catamaran by Siesta and her daughters Catalonia and Catsy,-Cruiser x Solar 2007, rated the top mare at Ellerston in 2015-16 BPP Scone 2015, played Argentine Open and her full brother BPP winner Skiff.

Cruiser’s sire Longboat (Pirogue x Welsh Pageant) ran in 18 races for 9 wins and 3 seconds and was “European Stayer of the Year” in 1986.

 Dam 3: Pinky

Pinky playing at Ellerston

Her TB registered name was Touch of Pink and was by Reformation. She was rated by Jim Gilmore as the best playing mare at Ellerston and then going onto be the best broodmare. She is recognised in the Australian Polo Hall of Fame. She was foaled in 1983, bred in New Zealand by Tony Devich and purchased by Ellerston in 1988. Pinky was regarded worldwide as one of the great polo playing mares, playing under the world’s best when they played the Ellerston high goal. She was a favourite of Stuart Gilmore and 10 goaler Alfonso Pieres would choose her when he came to play. Pinky competed in all the high goal polo in the 1990’s and won many awards. Her playing career ended prematurely with a broken leg, however she retired to stud where her influence has been felt globally. As the backbone of the Ellerston ET breeding program, she has thrown countless champions including the brilliant Dinghy by Longboat, the unbelievable mare Claret by Monty, the sire Hermitage by Revenue, as well as Motor, Cabernet, Shiraz by Norman Pentaquad, Burgundy by Monty, Champagne by Monty, Sherry, Chianti, Sauvignon, Vinery, Vintage, Valencia, Merlot, and Sangria all of whom have played high goal polo in UK and Argentina. Pinky was put down in 2012 at the age of 30.

Pinky outside the Ellerston stables

Ruski started well in young horse chukkas in 2016 and was then used continually at stud. In the photo below being ridden by Angus Kelly it shows his incredible hind leg action and just how far the stifle joint is in front of his hip and that is with the off hind leg back! This is one of the first things we always look at in a horse to assess it’s ability to use it’s hind legs, pace, power and stopping. The further forward the better.

Ruski ridden 2016

Ruski ridden 2016

Sire: Ellerston Cavalier

Ellerston Ruski is by Ellerston Cavalier by legendary sire Norman Pentaquad from Blue. Cavalier is a full brother to outstanding international mare Ellerston Sheltie, one of Ellerston’s best. Played by Facundo Pieres for sixteen years she was rated one of the best mares in the England over six years before winning awards playing in the US, playing the US Triple Crown. Ellerston Keltie a full sister also played well overseas.

Ellerston Cavalier 2016

Sheltie played by 10 goaler Facundo Pierres

Sheltie played by 10 goaler Facundo Pierres

Sheltie 10 goaler Facundo Pieres

Sheltie played for sixteen years by 10 goaler Facundo Pieres

Cavalier has really blossomed as a sire with just so many of his progeny playing well with the likes of Lily, Lillian and Luca all winning BPP awards at the 2022 March Ellerston Tournament. Others include Flor, Jezebel, Ante, Senator, Bindi, Cream, etc. The photo below says it all when English Captain James Harper states that Lily by Cavalier is “One of the best horses I’ve ever played.”

Lily by Cavalier-the caption says it all

Lily by Cavalier-the caption says it all


Lily by Cavalier played by English captain James Harper

Lillian by Cavalier played by Jack Grimes Ellerston







Lilian and Mat Grimes

Lillian by Cavalier

Cavalier is by legendary sire Norman Pentaquad by Riverman and he sired the 1995 Melbourne Cup winner Doriemus. He has just so many top international ponies including Sheltie, Cube, Spinnaker, Yacht, Canada, Twiggy, Vinery, Chianti, Noumea, Wrinkle, Twilight, Jackie, Tory, Lizzie, Power, Puzzle, Eris, etc. He upgraded his mares has been cloned by Ellerston. His sire Riverman won two Group 1 races, was Champion Stallion siring two Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe winners Detroit and Gold River. He was described as having strong hindquarters and short canon bones and bred on the famous Nearco/Princequillo cross.

Norman Pentaquad

Doreimus 1995 Melbourne Cup winner by Norman Pentaquad

Blue the dam of Cavalier become famous throughout the polo world when played by 10 gaoler Horacio Heguy. She was then played by Kerry Packer for many years. She has produced many top horses including Sheltie, Cavalier, Keltie, Heeler, Corgi, Coyote, Irish and Husky. She was by the well-known Neville Gilpin sire Elmwood Punchline, so renowned in polocrosse. He was the sire of the famous Leeway, who won Champion at four Nationals played by Graeme Spackman.

Her dam Aziza was by the Panzer horse Cairo, sire of Sinclair Hill’s remarkable mare Terlings Jessica and Terlings Silvertop dam of Terlings Tremble and the sire Terlings Gold Finger. Cairo’s full brother was the successful polo sire Berrico Matruh. Aziza is also dam of the sire Throwers Stud Wizard of Oz, the mare Witch of Oz and goes back to Rivoli and Dimray, whose sireline lives on through Romeo and his daughter Hazlewood Romance and Hazlewood Conman.

Blue with Kerry Packer

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