Haydon Angel Jewel retires

The remarkable international career of Haydon Angel Jewel (Mia Gatita) with the world’s best player Adolfo Cambiaso has ended after a return trip to America and winning the US Gold Cup for the third time in 2016. She has played in and won all the major world tournaments including the world’s best, winning the Argentine Triple Crown in 2013. She has won BPP and awards in England, Spain and three in America.

Her international travels started when she left Australia in 2009, going to England, then America, then Argentine, back to England and Spain, back to America then onto Argentina for breeding in 2016. The famous photo of her stopping has inspired this drawing by Sarah Bishop. It shows her doing a total shut down with her hocks on the ground enabling Adolfo Cambiaso to keep the ball and go on to score.

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