2001 Murrabong Victory-HSH

Murrabong VictoryRetired from stud duties after 2016 season.

ASH Reg: SM-158067
DOB: 1995
Height: 15.1hh

Sire: Ben Lexcon x Sleipnir
Dam: Murrabong Victoria

Murrabong Victory at Haydon Horse Stud

Murrabong Victory has a very strong polo pedigree with both his dam and sire playing right up to the top level, including at Ellerston. He combines some of the best proven New Zealand and Australian polo bloodlines. His stock are proven performers playing in all grades of polo right up to the Argentine Open, winning the Nat Buchanan Trophy for the Best ASHS of the Year and excelling in polocrosse.

He was a solid bay stallion, seven-eighths thoroughbred, standing 15.1 hh, was easy to ride and with a great temperament. Victory was played and proved a good horse to hit off, very soft, easy going and a real “with you” type of horse to ride with a great natural inbuilt rate. You could play him in a snaffle like his mother and grandmother.

Above: Murrabong Victory at Haydon Horse Stud

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Victoria in her playing days

His dam Murrabong Victoria was one of the top polo mares of her generation, owned and played by Tim Boyd. She was an outstanding polo type, won champion polo awards in both New Zealand & Australia, playing right up to Test level.

She was played in New Zealand by Tim Boyd in the Saville Cup three times, winning it once. They played in the New Zealand Open three times and won the Dewar Cup three times. At Wanstead Polo Club she was awarded Polo Pony of the Year and was in the Champion Team of Ponies which also included another by her sire Zane Grey.

Trinity, Victory and her full sister Zara

Trinity, Victory and her full sister Zara with Tim Boyd

Zane Grey sired many top polo horses, as did his sire Paracourt. Trinity by Zane Grey was BPP at the 1987 US Open. Victoria’s dam Cabanna was also an outstanding polo mare who played only in a snaffle. Another by her sire, Melissa played in America, as did another of her daughter’s, Aroha.


Murrabong Victoria 23 yrs old

In Australia, Victoria played in the finals of the Dudley Cup and the Australian Open. She won the RAS Polo on two occasions. She also played in Test matches.

Victoria was highly rated and played by top players Eduardo Heguy (10 goals), Tomas Llorente, Alan Kent, Jim McGinley, Stuart Howey and Earl Herbert.

Victoria’s daughter Ellerston Tory by Norman Pentaquad played in the high goal polo in England for eight years. In 2012 she was one of Charlie Hanbury’s main horses playing right through the English high goal season, where El Remanso reached the semi-final of the Queen’s Cup and the final of the Gold Cup. He often came out on her in three different chukkas and was always playing her at the end in the tight finishes. She proved fast and tough with great acceleration. In the Gold Cup final they lost by a heart stopping one goal and Tory played right to the final bell giving her all.

Tory’s ability earned her a featured profile in the July 2012 issue of the Polo Times magazine with the following photo.

Murrabong Victory's half sister Tory by Norman Pentaquad. Her profile was featured in the Polo Times 2012.

Murrabong Victory’s half sister Tory by Norman Pentaquad.
Her profile was featured in the Polo Times 2012.

Tory playing in Spain 2013

Tory produced the playing horses Lovelocks Toro, Lovelocks Parliament and Lockocks Victory in the photos below.

Lovelocks Parliament out of Tory

Lovelocks Parliament out of Tory

Lovelocks Victory in the UK, out of Troy

Lovelocks Victory in the UK, out of Troy

Lovelocks Toro, out of Tory

Lovelocks Toro, out of Tory

Victory’s sire Ben Lexcon, bred by the MacGinley’s was proven playing at Ellerston. He has outstanding progeny playing in Australia, as well as in England, America & Argentina.


Impulse (left) by Ben Lexcon was James Packer’s favourite horse for many seasons and has often played by the high goal players when available.

Grace played in the Argentine Open. Other top playing horses include Hope, Hetty, Maggie and the sire used in SA, Seinfeld. Rob Ballard rate Awas his best ever. Ben Lexcon is by the polo sire Sleipnir from Celica a ggood type of mare by the Ashton’s polo sire Checkers Alamein.  He was by the influential Panzer, sire of The Gun and grandsire of Rannock (sire of Monty). Celica’s mother was Donna Bianca who Jim MacGinley rated as one of the best he ever played and is a granddaughter of Never In Doubt’s famous sire Nearco.

Murrabong Victory has 66 registered progeny and sired many proven top horses including;


Haydon Victoriana played the Argentine Open

Haydon Eve at Garangula 2015

Haydon Eve at Garangula 2015

Haydon Victoriana was exported to Argentina in 2010 where she was played in the Argentine Open by 10 goaler Pelon Sterling in the 40 goal La Dolfina team and has since played the high goal in England & has been used in their embryo program. Haydon Velvet played by Glen Gilmore before going overseas, Haydon Luna won a BPP at Quirindi, was runner up in the Sledmere Cup and BPP at the Scone League, Haydon Night Diva winner 2014 Nat Buchanan Trophy, 2012 Champion Open Ladies Horse Qld, SE Qld Best A Grade Ladies Horse and other many other polocrosse carnival awards.

Haydon Oracle to UK 2018

Haydon Oracle to UK 2018

Haydon Oracle stands as the first ASHS Registered sire in England. He has been producing well and his owners say he can “Talk Human” being one of the most trainable horses they have ever had anything to do with, Haydon Dunkirk winner of polocrosse prizes, Haydon La Nina played at Ellerston and for Australia in the Polo World Cup,  Haydon Eve BPP ASH at Wirragulla before playing at Ellerston, Haydon Elm playing overseas,  Haydon Barrabucci played at Ellerston, Haydon Cha Cha Jewel a very special mare and BPP winner, Haydon Esprit top playing mare and award winner as was her full sister Haydon Vital, Haydon Magic Jewel BPP winner with Glen Gilmore, Haydon Finch played at Ellerston and won prizes, Haydon Special Jewel, a half sister to Angel Jewel retained and produced very well as a broodmare.

Haydon Cha Cha Jewel BPP Scone 2016

Haydon Cha Cha Jewel BPP Scone 2016

Haydon Magic BPP with Glen Gilmore

Haydon Quebec played at Ellerston, Haydon Moon Lady and Haydon Shower. Haydon Night Time, Haydon Night Shade and Haydon Jubilee Jewel were retained as a broodmares, Haydon Opalet, Haydon Erassmus, Haydon Queen Jewel, Haydon Mellie, Haydon Safari, Haydon April played good polo, Haydon Acorn, the stallions Haydon image, Haydon Cascade, Haydon Vortex and Haydon Vintage, Haydon Diana, Haydon Hummingbird,  Haydon Faith, Haydon Aurora, , Haydon Can Can,  Haydon Celestia, Haydon Aurora, Haydon Celeste, Haydon Celesta, Haydon Eva, Haydon Sunlight, Haydon Peron won polocrosse awards and his fullsister Haydon Solvita is a specially talented mare as was Haydon Salsa, Haydon Robin, etc.

Haydon Eve [Haydon Evette-Murrabong Victory] BPP ASH at Wirrugulla

Haydon Eve (Haydon Evette-Murrabong Victory) BPP ASH at Wirrugulla

Haydon Night Diva

Haydon Night Diva won 2014 Nat Buchanan Trophy

Haydon La Nina, Polo World Cup, hiting the winning goal in extra time, Aust v Spain, Jake Daniels

Haydon La Nina, Polo World Cup, hitting the winning goal in extra time, Aust v Spain, Jake Daniels

Haydon Vital BPP award winner

Haydon Vital BPP award winner with Tim and Charlie Boyd

Haydon Solvita Ellerston 2022

Haydon Solvita Ellerston 2022